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Why Build with Cedar?

Why build with cedar? Take a closer look:

Moosehead Cedar Log Homes chooses materials from the finest White Cedar stands in the northern regions surrounding Maine. Our logs are selected, inspected and held to a quality standard that only cedar can attain.

Due to its slow growth characteristics and tight growth rings, White Cedar is one of the most dimensionally-stable and durable woods on the planet – making it the ideal choice for log home construction.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, White Cedar is considered the wood of choice where a high degree of durability and resistance to the elements is necessary.

White Cedar has a minimal amount of sapwood (approximately ¾ inch on a 10 inch diameter log). By removing the sapwood during the sawing and peeling process, you remove the part of the wood that discolors and decays – leaving you with a log that will last for generations.

Rated at over 1.4 R factor per inch, the insulation factor of White Cedar is among the highest of any wood species.

White Cedar contains natural oils and preservatives within the tree which makes it one of the most insect-repellent of all wood species. Its closed cellular structure inhibits mold and mildew, which can attack and decay many other types of wood – such as pine.

Naturally environmentally safe for you and your family.

Our White Cedar logs are air dried for approximately six months to properly balance the moisture content, minimizing any warping or shrinking.


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dovetail log corners


butt and pass corner joint

Butt and Pass

saddle notch corner joint

Saddle Notch